Fannie Shaftel, Professor Emerita of Education, died on March 21, 1999, at age 90. She had been an active member of the Stanford faculty for twenty-seven years until her retirement in 1974.

After studying at the university in her home city, UCLA, Fannie embarked on six years of teaching in the elementary grades in nearby Pasadena. Then with her husband George Shaftel she set out for New York, where she earned a Master’s degree at Teachers College, Columbia University. They returned to Pasadena where Fannie became the elementary curriculum coordinator in that progressive school system, working with 300 elementary teachers in 24 schools. “I was 28 years old, had all the answers, and learned by making many mistakes,” she remembered years later in a talk on the occasion of her retirement from Stanford. One of us (Siegel) was among the many enrolled in the Pasadena schools who benefited from Shaftel’s leadership in that post, which she held for eight years.